Monday, January 8, 2018


Period 3
Image result for red rocks amp sunrise winter » As an artist, I like to take photos of the mountains at 6:50am right when the sun is rising. What's better is when you can take the photos during the winter when the snow is partially melting. I don’t know who the artist is but I love this because almost every single morning my best friends and I would go to red rocks and just stare at the sunrise because of how beautiful it was. My friend has an automatic camera and was showing me the amazing photos of the mountains with a bunch of fog surrounding the denver area for miles. This is just an example of the work I like, I do not know who took this photo.

» As a photographer, I love to shoot photos of the Earth in its pure form. I don't like taking photos that everything seems perfect in. I like to take photos of days that are not perfect but still beautiful because of how unique it looks outside. As in my surfing photo, usually you would expect to go surfing in Florida on a summer day and the sand is perfectly colored and the sky is beautiful. What I like to show is the realness of the photo, not everyday is going to be a nice sunny day to go surfing so I like to show the ways that don't seem so perfect. Such as, the perfect photo should be a sunny day while the sand looks clean and soft with the ocean being a baby blue color. Even though civilization is in some of the photos that I take but its the beauty around it. The typical shots I take are landscape photos. I was in the Philippines when I took that photo. It was at a resort I stayed at. The ocean looks like a darker blue color but that was because I was standing far away but once you got closer to the ocean it was a beautiful baby blue. In the other photo, I shot this at Mickler beach in Ponte Verda Florida. I love this photo because of mainly the story behind it. I was surfboarding and the leash ripped off 3 of my nails while I was surfing. I then took some photos and decided to go back out. The waves don't look big in the picture but they were very choppy and difficult. You can also see that it wasn't a clear sunny day in Florida so it also portrays and shows a picture of a day of surfing but it wasn't a normal surfing day. An artist I admire is Alex Grey. The type of art Alex makes is a different type of art then the photos I take. Alex Grey trips phychadelics and makes art upon what he sees while he's doing it. I believe that his art is so eye opening and crazy I adore it a lot. 

Image result for alex grey art

≫ The photo shows a lot of balance because of the way it is centered there a full square outline and the airplane is in the center of the photo. The photo also shows shapes because the building forms a square shaped outline.  With the lighting on the photo the airplane seems to look like a silhouette.
(I couldn't upload my photo for some reason)
» In the photo,  it has contrast with the dogs shadow. The photo also has texture because you can see how messy the dogs hair is. The photo has color because the dog is black and white and the background is color. 

  • 03/23/18
    My  All about me project represents me because I love the show the Simpsons. I tried to include everything that makes me so unique in the collage. The collage seems basic but the things that are put together to make me is not basic. When the first look at the collage you see a colorful purple background, my favorite color is  purple and I love designs that are tie-dye themed. I included makeup brushes because I love doing my own makeup and others. I included food like sushi and donuts and healthy food because I am a FOODIe person . I love food and wanted to include it because it does make up who I am and what mood I'm in because if I don't have food I'm in a bad mood. I also included exercising because I love to exersize (I haven't lately) . I included a tattoo gun because personally I love tattoos and IM "addicted" to them. I want to continue to get more tattoos as I get older. The lips in the center of the photo represent my big lips and women power. Such as, being fierce, confident, and loving yourself in your own body because you're a bad bitch. With the diamond, I love jewelry and I am going to become a millionaire with a HUGE diamond ring on my wedding finger. Finally, I included the Colorado flag and the symbol of light because Colorado is my home and I will always love and adore this place byt with the light I  see myself as a light  on other people. I try to show people that are sad the light. The hope that maybe I will help people realize so that they will learn from and grow to love themselves unconditionally just like God does. The light represents hope and God. It represents that theres always light at the end of the tunnel and I included that in my  collage because I hope to be a light shining onto other people hoping they will realize one day how beautiful everyone is in their own way.